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Hand Held Laser Range Finder, LH80A/LH85A

Is an invaluable instrument for infantry units in close support roles; providing tactical advantage by achieving pin point target sighting with an instant, accurate range readout. It is completely self-contained in a sturdy waterproof aluminum housing built the shape of a conventional binocular.
Its ergonomic configuration and simple, easily accessible controls allow unrestricted use even by operators with heavily gloved hands.The device can measure distances to targets repeatedly with an accuracy of plus or minus 5 meters over the entire range. Although designed originally for the infantry to determine observer and target positions, the versatile unit can have many other military roles with an optical performance comparable to that of most standard observation monocular. It can be used as a general surveillance instrument;
whilst the incorporation of mounting points on the underside of the range finder housing enables it to be interfaced readily with a variety of other equipment to extend its operational role.
The accurate range information provided by the range finder may be applied directly to existing field artillery computing systems. The training filter reduces the laser output energy by 90 percent to make it eye-safe at shorter distances. The hand held laser range finder functions with the same accuracy in extreme climatic environments as that attained under normal conditions.

  • Light weight, compact configuration, simple operation.
  • Remote range facility.
  • Multiple target selection.
  • Optional remote firing.
  • Battery charger enables you to charge batteries with external power supply.
  • Robust, modular construction.
  • Comprehensive two-year warranty.


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